Jubah Suri Songket

Suri Songket Jubah RM120 (postage RM6/RM9)
Material: Satin LV no lining
Size S :
Shoulder 38cm(15"), ArmHole 46cm(18") , Sleeves 57cm(22.5") , Bust 90cm(35.5"), Waist 106cm(42") , Hip 120cm(47.3"), Length 141cm(55")
Size M :
Shoulder 39cm(15.5"), ArmHole 48cm(19") , Sleeves 59cm(23.3") , Bust 94cm(37"), Waist 110cm(43.3") , Hip 122cm(48"), Length 141cm(55.6")
Size L :
Shoulder 40cm(16"), ArmHole 50cm(19.8") Sleeves 60cm(23'5") , Bust 100cm(39.5") , Waist 118cm(46.5") , Hip 124cm(48.8") , Length 142cm(56")
Size XL :
Shoulder 42cm(16.5") , Arm Hole 52cm(20.5") , Sleeves 62cm(24.5") , Bust 106cm(42") , Waist 122cm(48") , Hip 128cm(50.5") , Length 143cm(56.3")

 Info: ** Breast Feeding, zip at middle
** Wudhu' friendly zip at hand
** Colour picture might be slightly different from real, due to lighting and editing